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Woodford County of Illinois: Veterans Assistance Commission

115 N. Main St.
Suite 106
Eureka, IL 61530

(309) 467-2716



The Veterans Assistance Commission is a separate County
Government Agency that is operated by and for Veterans. The
mission of this office is to provide temporary emergency financial
aid, as well as as other various services, to indigent Veterans and
Veteran's families of Woodford County. The V.A.C. program is one
of emergency to provide payments towards the bare necessities of life for basic
living expenses. Assistance is not designed to be an ongoing financial supportive program over any considerable length of time.

Assistance eligibility is based upon at least 180 days of active duty service in the
Armed Forces of the United States & the presentation of a Honorable Discharge.
National Guard duty applies only if it was "Federalized" service.

Primary Services:

  • Non-Emergency Medical Transportation  [Show Definition Details]

  • Prescription Expense Assistance  [Show Definition Details]

  • Rent Payment Assistance  [Show Definition Details]

  • Utility Service Payment Assistance  [Show Definition Details]

  • Veteran Benefits Assistance  [Show Definition Details]

  • Veteran Support Groups  [Show Definition Details]

  • Water Service Payment Assistance  [Show Definition Details]

General Information


Main Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Intake Process:

Please call.

Program Fees:





Veterans of Woodford county.

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