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American Red Cross-Military Family Assistance

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The Red Cross helps members of the military, veterans. and their families prepare for, cope with, and respond to the challenges of military service in the following ways:

-Emergency Communication Services - All day, every day, the Red Cross connects service members with their families back home when an emergency strikes.

-Financial Assistance - The Red Cross partners with the military aid societies to help service members and their families get emergency financial assistance 24/7.

-Information and Referral Services - The Red Cross provides counseling, guidance, information, referrals, and other social services for all military personnel and their families.

-Deployment Services - Before, during and after deployments, the Red Cross provides training, information, and support for military members and their families.

Primary Services:

  • Air Fare  [Show Definition Details]

  • Armed Forces Emergency Services  [Show Definition Details]

  • Burial/Cremation Expense Assistance  [Show Definition Details]

  • Gas Money  [Show Definition Details]

  • Long Distance Bus Fare  [Show Definition Details]

  • Military Donations/Relief Programs  [Show Definition Details]

  • Military Family Support Groups  [Show Definition Details]

  • Military Transition Assistance Programs  [Show Definition Details]

  • Mortgage Payment Assistance  [Show Definition Details]

  • Rent Payment Assistance  [Show Definition Details]

  • Utility Service Payment Assistance  [Show Definition Details]

  • Water Service Payment Assistance  [Show Definition Details]

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Intake Process:

Please call.

Program Fees:



English and Spanish


In general - military members, veterans, and their families.

Financial assistance: To receive any kind of financial assistance, the applicant MUST be either:
1. An active duty military service member
2. A military retiree (served 20 years or medically retired)
AND (for both of the above)
Live outside of a 50 mile radius of a military installation/base (if within that radius, the person can apply to the installation/base directly for assistance).

Please note-Veteran status alone will not qualify a person for financial assistance.

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